Herb Gardening – A perfect winter morning


Hello Herb Lovers,

The kids and I have just spent a wonderful morning in the herb garden.  With winter well and truly here my garden had been neglected for too long.  This morning the sun was shining brightly and the boys jumped at the chance to get their hands dirty. Well, Pixie Boy squealed really, since he can’t jump yet.

There was much weeding, cutting back of deadwood and some harvesting to be done.  Little Trouble found Mr Slug, green jumping spiders, two baby strawberries and needed some convincing that maybe he did not wish to eat one of the pretty red chillies.

Pixie Boy supervised the proceedings bouncing happily in his chair. He occasionally gave directions with a delighted squeak and was generally enjoying his morning in the sun (he is now fast asleep in his bed).

A winter's harvest
I have a basket full of goodies – last remnants of basil, black chillies, golden oregano, lemon grass and an abundance of sheep’s sorrel – does anyone want some sorrel?  It’s eeeeeeeeeeeeeeverywhere!!! 🙂

Even though the growth cycle has slowed down, do yourself a favour and spend some time getting the garden ready for spring.
Stay herbal

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