Herb Garden Markers – Fun & functional


For many of your it’s time to plan your Spring garden. For others, like myself it’s time to tidy up after a busy growing Summer. Once you have decided what goes where and how it is all going to look you might like to use markers to identify your plants.  Why not make this a feature?   On Etsy there are many artisans and small businesses that have fabulous ideas as to how you can mark your garden plants.  Here are a few cute examples I found.

1. Oyster shell herb markers on vintage silverplate knives.

2. Plant markers made from a repurposed vintage spoons

3. Rustic ceramic herb garden stakes

4. Butterfly Herb Markers

5. Colourful Stoneware Markers

6. Bamboo Herb Garden Markers

7. Hanging Herb Markers

8. Garden Plant ID Tags

9.  Unique Terracotta Herb Markers

There are some great products made by some very clever and creative people.  I might have to investigate further and will report on other fun herb related discoveries.

Stay herbal

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