Herb Garden – During


The parcel arrived and on my birthday I took Little Trouble and the Light of my Life herb shopping.


Last year I went to the Herb Awareness Weekend hosted by the Qld Herb Society (I wont post a link because I have been waiting for their website to do something for the past year or so and it still says “coming soon”, so there really is no point promoting it here *grumble*) where I saw a local herb nursery display its wares. So that’s the one I chose. Best Little Herb House is located in Gumdale, which is on the eastern side of Brisbane. It’s open Friday and Saturdays.


My birthday was the Friday, the book said that planting time would be best in the second quarter of the moon which started that day as well…everything was very fortuitous.


I loved this nursery. It is run by a very knowledgeable man who took all the time in the world to answer my questions and select the most appropriate plants for my needs. The place is gorgeous…..here…have a look……



And of course I could not have done without the help of Little Trouble. His carrying and counting skills came in very handy indeed.


At the end of my 2 hour visit we drove home with a lovely selection of herbs. All up we got, a bay tree, lemon thyme,another thyme I cant remember the name of, pizza oregano, lemon grass, comfrey, gloss leaf angelica, rose scented geranium, citronella scented geranium, this really cool BLACK chilli, lemon balm, rosemary and sheep’s sorrel.


(yesterday at the local nursery I also picked up a meyer lemon, black passionfruit, pyrethrum, common thyme and Little Trouble got himself some nasturtiums to plant)


Almost planting time…..

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