Herb Garden – Before


Hello Herb Lovers,

As I have mentioned in the past – I am now officially a gardener. Recall Herb Gardening – Not Holidaying where I attacked an overgrown garden bed as a start to my new gardening venture.


This is what it looked like BEFORE…..














As you can see there was dire need to do something to rescue this space. The weeds are gone, the junk is gone and the Yucca’s have a new home in a different part of the garden (transplant worked a treat).


I had a very pleasant surprise while digging around in the dirt. Earthworms! Lots of them too. The soil that I suspected to be devoid of nutrients must be good soil afterall….yay.


So I added some more organic garden soil to build it up a bit.


And then I waited……

What was I waiting for? That darn parcel from Amazon that I told you guys about. There was a book in there I wanted before I started to plant anything.




Stay tuned……



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