Herb Garden – After


The weather has been perfect for planting. With all those lovely showers the water restrictions were no bother at all 🙂


After all that time preparing the soil, then waiting for my “Gardening with the Goddess” book and then extended herb buying trips it was finally time to put my little darlings in the ground.


Planting Herbs


Dont forget the mulch! In this pic I had just started to mulch (top of photo).




It still looks a bit barren but now I can get into the fun stuff of decorating the space to resemble the sacred space I wish it to become. Light of my Life is working hard at refurbishing a garden bench with heavy cast iron ends we managed to find on ebay. It’ll take awhile, but somewhere down the track I’ll post pictures of the finished product.


That’s it folks…..I’m tired 🙂




Stay Herbal!

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