Herb Awareness – The weekend that was


Hello Herb Lovers,

Last weekend was the annual Herb Awareness Weekend hosted by the Qld Herb Society. I visited on the Sunday and the turn out was great! Compared to the previous year there certainly seemed to be an increase in numbers of visitors, even thought it appeared that there were less stalls this time. Maybe it helped that the weather was brilliant.


Inside the Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens building there was a hive of activity and the smells that assaulted my nostrils on the way in told me exactly why I was there. I spied my favourite stall , the TuzzieMuzzie stall and quickly checked out which herbal arrangements I would buy on the way out. Then I wandered amongst the stalls to see what I could find for you, dear readers, that might be of interest.


Naturally there were organic herb nurseries displaying their wares (Hello to Best Little Herb House, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, Edible Landscapes at the Northey Street City Farm ). There were also a few stalls displaying natural skin care products and the one that stood out among the crowd and which I spent some time chatting to was botanic Skincare. I was using their Ankle Biters Personal Insect Repellant long before I started to make my own.


I also spent a long time chatting to the ladies at the Tri Nature stall – but that will be a separate post.


Overall I had a fine morning out 🙂 I did not have the time to attend the talks that were held while I was there (Jean Goodwin – Animal Care, Jade Woodhouse – Suburban Worm Farming, Valeria – Something Curry and Jade Woodhouse – Herbs to improve your soil) but I saw that they were quite popular with visitors.


I did however pop in to the Sage Cafe (a stand run by volunteers from the Herb Society) to have a bite to eat but I must say I was rather disappointed. There is so very much you can do with herbs to really make them a feature and make then stand out. If you want to raise awareness of how herbs can be used in a trillion beautiful, flavour and health enhancing ways then why oh why bring out the same boring, uninspiring fare? I was not interested in mundane cakes everyone knows about. Nor the sandwiches that had an edible flowers squished onto them to (presumably) emphasise the herbal goodness. Yes there were savoury muffins that I assume had herbs in them, but please – members of the herb society – why not take a look at some of the recipe books you had for sale on the table by the entrance and see what fabulously tasty and exciting foods you could have presented. *sigh* I know….I am ranting again….but I love herbs…and I love herbs….and most of all I love combining the two. It just hurts to see such great potential being wasted.


Oh, and speaking of the Qld Herb Society. I know I whined about their website but it appears something is happening on that front. The front page has changed somewhat and an ad for the above mentioned weekend had been added….so now I am waiting with great anticipation to see what changes (as promised on the site) will take place very soon.

Stay Herbal!


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