Healtheries Herbal Tea – A Product Review



While grocery shopping at the supermarket, Spawn (teenage son) asked for some rosehip tea – good boy 🙂 – and since I was out of dried rosehips at home I agreed to some teabags. I always like having a look at what the conventional shops stock and this time was pleasantly surprised by the selection available.


Sure there are the usual odd creations by Twinnings, and some long standing European favourites, but one brand I had not seen on these tea shelves before was Healtheries.


Healtheries Herbal Teas


I was impressed to see herbal combinations such as Be Wise Tea – Gingko Tea with Tangy Lemon – which utilises lemongrass, gingko biloba, cinnamon and fennel to help you concentrate and think clearly.


When your mind runs overtime you may like to try Be Sleepy Tea – Passionflower & Chamomile Tea with Lemon Balm (yum) – which combines the calming powers of passion flower, chamomile, lemon balm, and lime flowers (linden) to gently soothe your mind and enables a pleasant night’s sleep.


I also picked up Be Well Tea – Echinacea Tea with Lemon & Vitamin C. This is very relevant for this time of the year (remember we are trying to PREVENT all the nasty winter bugs) as the echinacea, lemon, rosehip and added vitamin C in this tea will help boost your immune system.


There is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners involved, instead Healtherie uses Stevia which is a natural sugar alternative


Dont be afraid to try new things.

There are quite a few different herb combinations available in the “Be something Tea” range – apart from the ones I mentioned above there are: Be Clean, Be Spicy, Be Charged, Be Happy and Be Soothed.


These products are packed in New Zealand (we like that), the ingredients are blended in Germany (they know their stuff over there but we like to support things a bit more local) and the blend is made up of local and imported ingredients (is that local for us Australian consumers? for New Zealand packers or for the German blenders?).


Oh and I would like to point out that I have not been hired or paid by anyone to write this review.


Stay Herbal!


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