Genuine Arun Thai Natural Herbal Massage Balls about to be available for purchase in Australia!!


To all my massage-y friends:
Arun Thai Natural are going to be available in Australia! This is great news, I have been dying to get my hands on some of their products. If you think you might be interested, please contact Marike and her team.

I have bought a few products from Marike, and they are responsible for my fabulous complexion 😛

Australia has strict import restrictions for products with ‘plant bits’ in them, so we havent been able to get the massage balls or a few of the other products before. A lovely, fair trade business, making a mark on our health from gloriously exotic Chiang Mai (Thailand). If you’d like to know more about the fabulous work they do, here is a post I wrote a little while ago.

Ingredients: Thai Copper Pod, Bai Nad, Khontiso, Kaffir (leech) Lime, Citronella, Cassia, Yellow Phlai, Black Phlai, Yellow Turmeric, Black Turmeric, White Turmeric, Galanga, Wan Nam, Camphor, Sea Salt. 100% unbleached cotton cover.

Thai Herbal Massage Balls (also known as herbal hot compress or “look phra kob” in Thai) are used by many massage therapists and individuals who believe in integrating the wisdom and experience of many cultures.

Thai Herbal Massage Balls were originally used as an energy shifting medium, with many of the herbs having not only amazing healing properties, but also spiritual significance. Unlike many other Thai Herbal Massage Balls, Arun Thai uses 13 quality herbs as recommended by the Old Thai Medicine Hospital.

Sue and Peter Richards are the new distributors for Australia and they would like permission to make contact with some prospective customers in Australia in regards to workshops, customer needs etc. Please either add your name & email address below or send a PM on the Arun Thai Natural FB Page. And PLEASE SHARE THIS with other interested Aussies.



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