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Hello Herb Lovers,

I was talking to a friend the other day. She knew that I use herbs for health and healing and that my preferred method of administration is to add them into my family’s diet. My friend had trouble understanding how adding herbs to your food could have very real and long lasting effects on your health. I gave her a few examples of what I do for my family and why …….and I thought I would quickly blog about the concept of using food as medicine to help give my readers and idea of what I am on about 🙂

Food as Medicine

For as long as history can be dated back, herbs have been used to heal disease and prevent illness. More recently herbs came to be used as a flavourful accent to the daily meal but today, more people are once again beginning to see the potential and healing benefits herbs can provide. Although it has been a long time since herbal remedies have been readily accepted into society, these days you will find many people who trust these remedies and hundreds of different health and nutrition retailers which devote their sales to herbal remedies.

Although you can use herbs and spices to preserve food and add a bit more kick to your dinner, they have far more potential than just this. For example people have been using Cumin, Coriander and Mint to treat digestive disorders for centuries. You will find that there are people today who are still using age old herbal remedies to cure the same illnesses their forefathers suffered from and they are finding results they could not achieve with over the counter prescriptions.

If you are interested in learning more of the herbal remedies which are being used today, they include:

  • Ginger: for nausea and vomiting
  • Basil : cancer prevention
  • Cinnamon: lowers blood glucose levels
  • Cumin: anti-inflammatory
  • Garlic: lowers cholesterol
  • Sage: promotes and increases bone strength
  • Coriander: relieves digestion problems
The herbs and spices mentioned have many more health promoting properties of course. Garlic alone has a list a mile long – the examples given are just to give you a taste of what they might be used for when you prepare your meal.

There are many types of disease that herbal remedies have the power and nutrients to treat and maybe even cure. For a great many herbs there have been official studies done to prove that they are not only great for remedial purposes such as the ones mentioned above, but they are full of nutrients and phytochemicals which can help prevent disease as well as promote a healthier system.

There is evidence that some herbs and spices contain high levels of antioxidants which assist in fighting the free radicals which can cause disease. You will also find a great deal of phytochemicals (plant chemicals) as well as large amounts of vitamins such as Vitamin C. In herbal medicine you will find that it is not the isolated nutrient but the combination of natural chemicals that are found in herbs that provide the curing powers which can not be found in synthetically manufactured compounds.

Stay Herbal!

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