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Bitter herbs & vegetables

Bitter herbs & vegetables

Many of our vegetables have had their bitter component bred out of them which means that our modern palate is not used to the strong flavour of bitter ingredients anymore. Since it is such an important part of our

Lemon Balm – Not just good for the bees

Lemon Balm – Not just good for the bees

There is evidence that lemon balm has been in use for over 200 years with the Swiss physician Paracelsus calling it the "elixir of life". Many old herbalists refer to it as a comforter to the heart and that it

Hot Chillies – Pocket Rockets of Goodness

Hello Herb Lovers, My black chilli bush is bursting with fruit so I thought I would put my mind as to what to do with it all.  It’s only a little bush but it more than covers our use of

Herb Awareness – The weekend that was

Hello Herb Lovers, Last weekend was the annual Herb Awareness Weekend hosted by the Qld Herb Society. I visited on the Sunday and the turn out was great! Compared to the previous year there certainly seemed to be an increase

Qld Herb Society Annual Herb Awareness Weekend May 3 & 4

Markets & Herb Awareness Weekend For everyone who wants to know more about growing and using herbs – this is the weekend for you! – Discover a large variety of unusual and water wise herbs and plants for sale. –

Calendula – A great healing herb used as a marketing ploy?

Hello Herb Lovers,   Do large multinationals, who use a multitude of chemicals in their products, really think that by adding a herbal compound and marketing that fact heavily, will make people fall over themselves to buy the product because

Herb Garden – After

The weather has been perfect for planting. With all those lovely showers the water restrictions were no bother at all 🙂   After all that time preparing the soil, then waiting for my “Gardening with the Goddess” book and then

Herb Garden – During

The parcel arrived and on my birthday I took Little Trouble and the Light of my Life herb shopping.   Last year I went to the Herb Awareness Weekend hosted by the Qld Herb Society (I wont post a link

Herb Garden – Before

Hello Herb Lovers, As I have mentioned in the past – I am now officially a gardener. Recall Herb Gardening – Not Holidaying where I attacked an overgrown garden bed as a start to my new gardening venture.   This

The Many Uses of Lemon Grass

Hello herb lovers, Every now and then I read a post by another blogger I feel compelled to comment on, especially if it means that Herbology can come to the aid of someone who is in need of herbal assistance.

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