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Herb Garden Markers – Fun & functional

Herb Garden Markers – Fun & functional

Once you have decided what goes where and how it is all going to look you might like to use markers to identify your plants. Why not make this a feature? On Etsy there are many artisans

Meet you on the Equinox – Lunar Gardening

The March equinox will occur on March 20 in 2010, marking the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere. The word “equinox” derives from Latin and means “equal night”. This refers to day and

Hot Chillies – Pocket Rockets of Goodness

Hello Herb Lovers, My black chilli bush is bursting with fruit so I thought I would put my mind as to what to do with it all.  It’s only a little bush but it more than covers our use of

Herb Gardening – A perfect winter morning

Hello Herb Lovers, The kids and I have just spent a wonderful morning in the herb garden.  With winter well and truly here my garden had been neglected for too long.  This morning the sun was shining brightly and the

Spring Herbs in Australia – Planting Guide

Hello Herb Lovers, There’s no time in the garden more exciting than spring. Everything buzzing with new life, growth and colour. There’s so much to do, it’s not too hot or too cold, making every chore a pleasure. Now is

Insect Repelling Plants

Untitled Document Insect Repelling Plants Natural pest control can help you maintain a beautiful herb garden. Either companion plant or place these pest repelling plants in places where they will do the most good.

Winter Herbs – Planting Guide

Hello Herb Lovers, If you think your herb gardening days slow down now that winter has set in you might be surprised to hear that the cold season is a busy one indeed.     No matter what area and

Qld Herb Society Annual Herb Awareness Weekend May 3 & 4

Markets & Herb Awareness Weekend For everyone who wants to know more about growing and using herbs – this is the weekend for you! – Discover a large variety of unusual and water wise herbs and plants for sale. –

Gardening Australia Expo – Brisbane

Gardening Australia is coming to Brisbane.   I have had a look at the exhibitors and there are several herb related businesses, societies and lots of clever organic products that I am going to have a look at. Yes, herb

Herb Garden – After

The weather has been perfect for planting. With all those lovely showers the water restrictions were no bother at all 🙂   After all that time preparing the soil, then waiting for my “Gardening with the Goddess” book and then

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