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Greetings Herb Lovers,


There have been many changes to Herb-blog-ogy and the main Herbology site.

FirstlyPhotobucket, you will have noticed that there is now advertising on the right sidebar. There is also a separate SHOP page which contains links to Australian business I’d like readers to support. With any luck I have managed not to detract from the overall Herbology feel. The reason I have gone for commercial links is that Herbology is now FREE! YAY!!


Making Herbology free allows me to offer the type of herbal information – that I think everyone should know about – to a wider audience. You still need to register but for your trouble you’ll get a monthly newsletter packed with recipes!


New beginnings take brave souls to take the first step. So I would like to thank those brave souls who chose Herb-blog-ogy as the platform from which to send their messages.


A Big Thank you to:

Mathew Packer

Ken’s Trees

Is a Man’s World

Timothy Adams Designs

The Incurable Romantic


My criteria for ad selection for this blog and the main Herbology site goes as follows:

1) Herbology related and Australian/NZ

2) Herbology related

3) Things I hope readers will like and Australian/NZ

4) Things I hope readers will like

5) Australian/NZ


PhotobucketOther changes to Herbology are a RECIPES ARCHIVE, new look article indexes and new look article pages.

Other changes to Herb-blog-ogy are new pages like About, Archives and Links. There arent too many links there yet but I am working on it. Oh and a darker background, you like?


There have been quite a few readers of the blog who have not been aware that the main site even existed, so this is my way of integrating all the different parts that make Herbology a whole.


I hope you all will like the changes, do feel free to critique or suggest anything you like.


Stay Herbal!

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