Bavarian Herb Soup



Bavarian Herb Soup


* 450 g herbs (chervil, watercress, spinach, sorrel, dandelion and scarlet pimpernel, choose three)
* 60 ml butter melted
* 1large onion, chopped
* 950 ml water or vegetable stock
* 1large potato, peeled and chopped in to small cubes
* salt, to taste
* black pepper, to taste
* croutons (optional)


Pick and wash the herbs, discard woody stems. Chop the leaves.
In a deep pan gently fry onion in the melted butter until transparent.
Add herbs and sweat them for a moment before you pour in the water or broth.
Add the potato to the soup. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 20 minutes on a lower heat.
Mash the potato in the soup to thicken it a little. Add salt and freshly milled pepper to taste.
Serve with bread croutons fried in butter or bacon fat (goose fat is even better). They should be so hot that they sizzle when they are added to the hot soup at the table.

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