Alternative Health Treatments Cause Permanent Damage


WarningHow is that for an attention grabbing title?  I think it is appropriate when a recent news item proved once again the importance of common sense and moderation in terms of alternative health treatments.

Herbology and I have always maintained that herbal medicine can and must go hand in hand with conventional medicine.  You can not treat yourself effectively without a correct diagnosis and seeing a health professional to get that diagnosis will also make sure that there are no serious underlying  causes for your symptoms.

Two days ago the top news story was that of the father of a 11 year old girl who believed so strongly in the healing power of a  particular alternative product and did not trust conventional medicine that he refused to take his little girl to the doctors when she was gravely ill with a heart infection. Due to his obsessive belief the girl is now permanently disabled and will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. (Channel 9 News, FOX News)

To think, had he gone to the doctor to get a diagnosis this girl would have been successful treated and be a happy healthy 11 year old.  Instead he thought he knew better and everyone in the family paid the price – girl permanently disabled, mother on a suspended sentence and father in jail.

The father used a product that is supposed to boost the immune system by providing glyconutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I am not making a statement about the effectiveness of this product as I have never tried it but common sense tells you that  giving extremely high doses (as in this case) of immune boosting nutrients are not going to cure anything, yet alone something as serious as a heart infection.  Immune boosters are great to help protect your body and make it resistant to disease but it is not a cure all by a long shot.

Now everyone knows that I use herbs for absolutely everything but  I will not just treat the family without consulting our health professionals first.  Our health care team knows that I prefer natural options and if appropriate they support me in my use of herbs (or else they would not be our doctors).  But to endanger the lives of my loved ones would be completely contradictory to the whole point of natural health. Ok, you can see that I feel very strongly about this.

I can not emphasise enough that herbal medicine is an effective option ONLY if used sensibly and with the help of professionals. Education, common sense and moderation …. those three pretty much apply to everything in life so why wouldnt we apply them to our health?

Stay herbal – but not to the exclusion of all else

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