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Far away, there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.

I may not reach them but I can look up, see their beauty and believe.
Louisa May Alcott




I have a passion for herbs – medicinal, culinary as well as ornamental – which is the very reason why I created Herbology.


Herbal medicine has been around almost as long as people have. It was a knowledge that was passed through the family, at times taught as was the case with priests but it was certainly always the first port of call for people who needed to treat their everyday ills. This knowledge has slowly been lost over the years. Be it that modern medicine persuaded us that there was another, better way or just that modern life and with it the separation of families was just not conducive to passing family secrets on to the next generation.


I was very lucky. My paternal grandmother was familiar with the old ways. When I was a young girl she would take me with her to pick wild herbs, berries and fungi on the foothills of the Alps. She would always treat us with herbal teas when we stayed with her, and my father learned from her. He was interested in the old ways too and like her had the greenest thumbs. Unfortunately my mother wasn’t so much interested but even she had learned some very basic remedies from her own family. Everyone knows you can calm the nerves and the digestive system with a cup of Chamomile tea, right? Unlike my father and his mother, I did not inherit their green thumb. Actually I think I have the blackest thumbs in the world. I dream of the perfect herbal garden, modelled on some of the medieval medicinal garden designs, but alas, it will never happen if I am the one who has to do the gardening.


As you have probably figured out by now, I am from Europe originally – Germany to be specific. Germany is one of the few western countries where herbs are readily used by the medical profession. A lot of the official and respected research into herbal medicine originates from Germany as well. I have been in Australia sine the early 80’s. Since then I have witnessed a slow, but steady increase in interest regarding herbs. The establishment of farmer’s markets which are now so popular, the increasing varieties stocked by supermarkets and the surge of upmarket cooking programs have contributed to the use of herbs in the culinary repertoire of people like you and I Australia wide.


All of the above, my heritage, my passion and the evolution of herb usage in Australia added to the fact that my family is growing and I use herbal remedies to treat my partner, myself and my children has led to the conception of Herbology.


There have to be other people in Australia who also love herbs – for food, for medicine for all manner of uses. It is for those people, who wish to learn, to share knowledge gained from their own families that Herbology exists. Herbology provides the type of information that you can get by spending hours, days and weeks accumulating for yourself by visiting libraries, chatting to qualified herbalists, chasing endless links across the internet. I figure that if I make it easier for people to access the information then they will spend more time using herbs, benefiting from them and spreading the word. It is my hope that this way some of the old ways are kept alive.


Herbology is an online information site dedicated to raising herb awareness with an emphasis on reviving old, once common, herb lore to enable readers to make their own basic herbal products and herbal remedies. Herbology provides inspiring, educational, high quality information in a virtual space. It delivers informative, entertaining reviews, feature articles and resources.


The Herbology goal is to create an environment where traditional herb lore which used to be passed on within families from generation to generation can be revived and shared in a virtual setting.


I hope you enjoy the site


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