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Please share our adventures with bees, wildflowers, children, pets, nature and the beauty all around us.

My name is Leslie and I started this blog to share with family and friends, the happenings in my life.  I am a member of Sarah Jean Head’s Springfield Sanctuary Apprenticeship.

Six years ago my brother Eric and I started beekeeping. I am just a granny/nanny with lots of interests and thoroughly enjoy learning about and incorporating ancestoral knowledge in my life and sharing it with our young ones.

Thank you for following my journey xxx


I am….

…. trying to be the best granny/nanny I can be!
…. healing touch practitoner.

…. into herbs,organic beekeeping, gardening with native/ medicinal plants while learning their healing powers + making herbal medicines for family+ pets!

…. a believer in the power of positive thought!
Our thoughts, dreams, aspirations and being are part of this universe and we have power to make our dreams come true!
Every day is an opportunity for magic and we should all each wake up and say ” This is going to be a great day” and then make it so!!


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