A whole new world…


It’s been a crazy, crazy couple of years, hasn’t it? All over the world there have been incredible changes, stuff we could not have imagined only a few years ago.

There have been changes here at Herbology too. Not because of anything as grand as a global pandemic, just because time and technology waits for no man….or woman….or unspecified. There was a major tech hiccup that caused Herbology to disappear completely, leaving only a white space for you all to see, and I could not even get in on the backend to try to fix it.

My amazing tech support (herbaceous husband) finally managed to bring us into the new world, so here we are again. A new look…. it was the old theme that crashed the whole site…. a bit cleaner, a bit simpler, a bit more appropriate to where I’m at in life. I’m still tweaking bits behind the scenes, but the library is accessible and ready to go.

Facebook is still the place to be interactive, ask the questions and meet like minded herbologists, but here at the website is where you’ll find the articles, recipes, herb info and more in one easy place.

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