A Natural Healthier You in 2010 – Are you ready to take responsibility for your health?


Hello Herb Lovers,

Is Your Health in Your Hands in 2010?

Here we are, another year wiser. Or are we?

While thinking about my goals for the New Year I wondered whether there will be more personal accountability in regards to our health or if it will continue to be a case of seemingly easy, quick fixes which do not work and often make things worse down the track. Ok, so that’s a really long sentence. Let’s see if I can break down what I am trying to say.

I believe that we all have choices. Even in the direst of circumstances we can chose how to deal with them and how to approach them. It may not change the outcome, but it will change the way you get there.

If you’ve read some of my posts in the past, then you will know my attitude on including the benefits of herbs into our modern lifestyles. Unlike the old days where there was much work involved in the preparation of meals and remedies, it is now so much easier and just as effective to fit into our busy day. It is my goal to continue to educate and suggest ways in which you can include herbs into your life in 2010.

So why not try:

Taking the time for a relaxing cup of herbal tea – the herbs chosen to benefit a particular issue we would like to improve.

Include fresh herbs into your daily meals for nutrition and healing power.

We all bathe, so why not add a bag of particular herbs to the water and let the essential oils do their work? And yes, there are shower alternatives too.

There are so many ways you can enjoy the many benefits of herbs in your life that take no longer than the unhealthy choices that seem so much easier.

Sure it’s a lot easier to hold someone else responsible for our problems.

So we didn’t lose weight last year because the fad diet we invested in didn’t work.

The arthritis in our fingers didn’t get any better even though you took the glucosamine for a whole 2 weeks!

Our energy levels are at an all time low even though we had 4 cups of coffee before lunch, might have to add some energy drinks to the shopping list.

The market for quick fixes is huge. Their advertising targets our weak spots. We all wish to be younger, thinner and have more time and energy – and they offer products that promise us all of those and more. But somewhere down the track you realise that they actually don’t. By then you are that little bit older, maybe a tad wider, lost another year and some money too. You need to take responsibility and commit to it.

I am not advocating a lifestyle of abstinence. Life is much too short for that. What I do advocate is that you take responsibility for your life – your health! If you do things that take a lot out of your body, you have to make some other choices to replenish what has been taken.

If you love bad foods, take the time to help your body with the extra work you are asking of it. If you drink alcohol, treat your liver kindly. If you are out of energy take some time to find out why, look for natural solutions and stop being a martyr. You don’t have to do everything today. If you have health issues ( and who hasn’t) look at alternatives to synthetic drugs that will not bombard your body with more side effects. It is important that your doctor is aware you are doing this. Of course there are many situations where your medication is absolutely essential and if that is the case you can find natural remedies which can help your body deal with the impact of these drugs.

You do not have to deprive yourself of anything. You do not have to become some fanatical organic extremist. Do not blame the world for your woes. Take responsibility for your choices.

I guess my message for 2010 is this…

Live your life, your way. – put Your Health in Your Hands!

Stay herbal

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