A herbal welcome


Finally, a sign of life from the intrepid travelers. It has taken some time to organize net access, but it would appear that I am now able to share some of my adventures with you.

We are on the Dorset coast in the south of the UK. A two minute walk down the lane way will have us over looking the sea. The beach is a tad wasted on us as it is really rather cold with a chill wind that negates all hairstyling products 🙂

The moment we arrived at our little cottage I made my first herbal encounter. The rather neglected hedge at the front of the property was hiding a treasure trove of herbal goodies.

I found some late blackberries which Pixie Boy (2) loved. There was also hazel, sage, holly, heather and rose hips greeting us before we had even set foot in the place.

Forgot how spectacular the Northern Hemisphere autumn can be.

Stay herbal

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