A herbal opportunity missed…


Hello herb lovers


I popped over to the Green Flea Community Market in West End with the boys this morning. It has such a great atmosphere, unlike any other market in Brisbane. It’s worth the 30 minute drive for us just to soak it all up, oh and buying fresh produce and tasting unusual, international fare as well. Spawn made himself sick on homemade lemonade and Langos (Hungarian garlic bread), where as Trouble and I nibbled on a Hungarian cheese & spinach filled pancake-y thing and apples.


There were a great deal of good quality herbs available and at one stall there were a number of plants I did not recognise. Unfortunately due to being distracted doing the mother thing I didnt even think to buy the rather distinctive plants to bring home to play with later. I bought my thyme, rosemary, marjoram,mint , parsley, kaffir lime leaves and water cress but left the other mysterious herbs untouched. How silly was that?


As I said they were rather distinctive so I pulled out one of my wise tomes and have identified three. Neem leaves, sweet chestnut (I think) and yarrow. I use yarrow all the time but in it’s dry form…and I know to recognise the flower too but I did not at all recognise just the foliage on it’s own (assuming I got it right).


I’ll just have to go back next Saturday and buy up all I do not recognise. I am particularly interested in the neem leaves so I can make some insect repellent for the back yard, this we, humid weather really does bring the mosquitoes out in force.


The message for today…..”dont let opportunities pass you by” ..


Have a great weekend everyone




Stay Herbal!

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