Grandmother of Herbal Medicine

Thank you in helping us celebrate the 100th birthday of Juliette de Bairacli Levy “Grandmother of Herbal Medicine” . We hope you will be both inspired and empowered by her stories of the people, places, plants and animals she and her family encountered during her travels.

For participating in this celebration Herbology is giving YOU the birthday present:

Natural Health for Your Dog covers the top 5 health problems presented in veterinary clinics today and is designed to get you interested in safe, natural healthcare for your dogs.

It will provide you with common sense solutions for common problems with an emphasis on NATURAL treatments. Natural health care starts long before any illness can take hold so the focus is on prevention and maintenance of good health.

To claim your free electronic copy please fill in your details below.  Please do not worry about giving us your details. We detest SPAM and will not abuse the trust you place in us.  Your inbox will not be bombarded with useless infomation, we only send out sporadic updates when something important and worthwhile comes up.


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