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Early last month I posted ‘A Herbalist’s View – Approaches to Colds and Flu’ by 7Song on the Herbology Facebook page.

7Song tried to “make it more comprehensive than just listing herbal medicines by discussing a number of considerations of being ill with these respiratory viruses. It is 10 pages long and covers treatments and dosage strategies, constitutional approaches, formulations, categories and herbal remedies.”

These 10 free pages proved really popular with the Herbology crowd, resulting in lots of comments and plenty of shares.

So I figured that all Herbology readers would definitely be interested in 7Song’s ‘Herbal First Aid’. Over 20 years experience of natural first aid is now at your disposal 🙂

Herbal First Aid with 7Song

John Gallagher from Learning Herbs says:

“I had a MAJOR revelation seeing 7Song in action.
I had only learned basic home first aid with herbs. You know…bumps and bruises. Cuts and scrapes.

What 7Song does opened an entire new world to me. I mean…

  • What do you do in a SERIOUS first aid situation?
  • How do herbs work in first aid really?
  • Do they work at all?
  • How do you prepare yourself?
  • How can you help when you are in large groups of people?

7Song has used the Rainbow Gathering as a lab for his own herbal school for decades. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn street medic skills in a group of folks open to using natural remedies.”

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2 Responses to Herb First Aid

  1. Kevin Gomez says:

    very informative..thanks..

  2. Anke says:


    Your blog is amazingly comprehensive. I especially like your focus on using herbs medicinally. I am subscribing to your blog and look forward to future updates! Keep up the great work!

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