How to make Herbal Salves

We covered infused oils and making a herbal cream over the past couple of weeks, so now, due to popular demand I’ll show you how to use the infused oils for making salves/ointments/balms as well.

250ml herb infused oil
20gr beeswax
8 drops essential oil (optional)


Combine infused oil and beeswax, and heat mixture just enough to melt the wax.


Add essential oils, if using them.


Stir, then pour into wide mouthed jars. Let cool.

Stored at room temperature, this salve will keep for 6 months*. If you store it in the fridge (and dont use it with your fingers) it may well last 3 times that long.

* Any product containing water is a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure all your equipment is very clean and dont dip your fingers into the finished product. Always use a small spatula or other applicator to keep products free of contaminants. Beeswax, essential oils and vitamin E are natural preservatives which should give your products a shelf life of 6 months. You can also use grapefruit see extract which is a strong antiviral agent.

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2 Responses to How to make Herbal Salves

  1. juliet says:

    I have a very badly broken leg, do you have any comfrey products available? If not could you please help me to find some comfrey so i can attempt to make your tincture & salve myself.

  2. anee says:

    I didn’t realize that making your own salves were as simple as that. Well, not exactly simple, but not rocket science. It seems that as long as you are fairly meticulous with your method, you can produce an excellent product. I can’t wait to try to make something. I think it will be something for my lungs since that is a problem area of mine. Thanks for the how-to!

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