Herbal Remedies for Anxiety – Science catches up

I love it when I see scientific validation of the effectiveness of herbal remedies in the media.  It does not strengthen my own conviction that Mother Nature provides us with a bounty of health giving remedies.  What it does do however, is bring the message to the many who are dubious, scared of and outright against herbal medicine as a legitimate form of healing.  That makes me very happy!

Yesterday a report was circulated in the world’s media about herbal remedies for anxiety.  Anxiety seems to be a symptom of the modern world, fast surpassing stress as an often reported on health issue faced by so many people today.  UK Press Association article here.

Researchers at the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation, a small nonprofit organization in Los Angeles dedicated to neurological and mental-health research and awareness, compared the results of a number of studies into herbal remedies and nutritional supplements to treat anxiety.  And the findings were published in Nutrition Journal.  We found mixed results – while passion flower or kava and L-lysine and L-arginine appeared to be effective, St John’s Wort and magnesium supplements were not.”


Kava  Kava is restricted to practitioners only in Australia but is available freely in many parts of the world. Traditionally it is used internally for tension, anxiety, insomnia and stress due to its sedative, muscle relaxing, anti-convulsive, tranquilizing and analgesic properties. Kava Kava roots are the basis of a well known ritual Polynesian drink that induces calm and heightens mental awareness.

Passionflower is used internally to treat nervous restlessness, sleep disorders, anxiety, neuralgia, irritability and insomnia. It has bitter, sedative and cooling properties and relieves pain, relaxes spasms, and lowers blood pressure. The ripe passion fruits are eaten raw and  can be made into wonderful desserts, while the flowers are utilised in making remedies.

This is great news, yes?

What irritates me is that the moment something like this is reported some pharmaceutical expert jumps on the bandwagon with a myriad of warnings.  CNN article here

Maybe the reporter is trying to present a balanced “for and against” view, but  all it does is negate the good stuff.  I am not saying that only positive herbal results should be posted but is it really necessary to tell everyone that doctors are reluctant to recommend alternative supplements, that people shouldnt go out and try these remedies just because there is scientific evidence.  Isnt that exactly what the pharmaceutical giants do?  “Here, we have scientific data…trust us!”

What’s good for the goose is obviously not good for the gander….

Shame really as the report showed some real promise for a very real problem plaguing our society.

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2 Responses to Herbal Remedies for Anxiety – Science catches up

  1. “Science is a first-rate piece of furniture for a man’s upper chamber, if he has common sense on the ground floor.” – scientist quote

  2. Jeanette says:

    Anke,Thank you for your enlightening site, would you be able to tell me what herbs or Vegetables are bitter I am trying to make my liver function better. I look forward to hearing from you Kind Regards Jeanette

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