Baby Eczema – Treating skin disorders with herbs

Hello Herb Lovers,

My little Pixie Boy has some skin issues I am not at all happy with.  I suspect that he has inherited possible food intolerances from me and that the dermatitis on his legs and back are a symptom of this.  Since I dont do cortisone on babies I went out to look at natural alternatives.

While I was out and about I found this little gem.  A body wash that is based on herbs, essential oil and homeopathic ingredients.  Natralia Nourish – Eczema & Psoriasis Wash can be used as a body wash and shampoo, it smells great and seems to be helping Pixie Boy with his skin issue. It is PH balanced and free from fragrances, nut oils, synthetic colour, soap and the dreaded SLS.

You’ll find it contains these goodies:
natralia nourish
aloe vera juice
calendula flowers
chamomile flowers
lavender oil
bergamot oil
sandalwood oil
natrum muriaticum
kalium sulphuricum

It is very gentle and safe for use on children.  They also have a baby range (so my research tells me) but I am happy to use the big people version as long as I dilute it a lot.  My eldest – Spawn – has eczema and I like a one product for everyone approach keeping down the number of bottles littering the bathroom.

If you have a child who suffers from dermatitis of some sort and you have tried a myriad of lotions and potions, you might want to give this natural product a go.

Once Pixie Boy has had his bath I use a baby oil I make myself which contains calendula flowers, elderflowers and lavender flowers which keeps his skin moisturised and soft, while at the same time utilising the healing powers of those three ingredients to treat the skin disorder in a very natural, gentle way.  Learn how to make your own infused oils.

Now that I have found a way to successfully treat the symptoms all I have to do is to figure out the cause of his skin issues.

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5 Responses to Baby Eczema – Treating skin disorders with herbs

  1. After reading this article, I feel that I really need more info. Can you suggest some resources ?

  2. momof5 says:

    My oldest developed eczema when I weaned him at 6 months (doctor’s orders — this was 1972 — very different from now). With several different doctor’s help, the eczema worsened until he was almost completely covered with red, scaly welts. A friend gave me a newly-published book, Let’s Have Healthy Children, by Adelle Davis, that had a recipe for baby formula. Her discovery was that milk to lactose ratio in milk was imbalanced — that human babies need more lactose in order to digest milk fat. She showed research conducted on babies given
    skim milk — all of these children developed severe eczema and 50% never recovered. Her book is out of print. After she died the rights to her book were purchased by the AMA, who had it re-written (and made it no longer workable). I have not been able to find this information anywhere. The fact remains, when I used her formula, my son’s eczema disappeared and never came back.

  3. momof5 says:

    Sorry, the line should read, “Her discovery was that milk fat to lactose ratio in milk was imbalanced. Good luck.

  4. Barbara K. says:

    I can’t believe this – great site man/woman! I’ll definitely be adding this to my rss feed list. You do have a rss feed right?

  5. Melinda Coss says:

    Read this article and was a bit alarmed. Borax is heavily restricted under European Cosmetic Legislation because it has been proven to cause terrible rashes on young children. Likewise, there are only certain varieties of Bergamot oil that are permitted because it is high in allergens. Just thought you should know this.

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