Getting ill at daycare – Herbs can help children get better sooner

Herbal Cold RemedyI thought that my baby had a really good immune system. He is 29 months old, has only once been worryingly sick and has had the sniffles a few times but that’s about it. I was happy with that as an indication that his system is obviously being challenged by nasties along the way but that his body is dealing with them well.

Well, did I say well?

One singular day at day care, his first ever, and he is down with some horrid ‘lergy. Admittedly it is the season where many bugs are making the rounds and there were quite a few littlies at care who were off colour. Our darling was eager to go to “school” and had a brilliant day. He is such a little sponge, wanting to absorb every new thing he comes across. But I didnt think he would absorb every little bug that was available that day.

On Friday afternoon he had a slight case of sniffles… evening there was a streaming torrent coming out of his nose. By Saturday that torrent had turned green and so had his right eye – soon to be followed by his left eye. Fevers in the mid to high 39’s had us a tad worried but we managed to get them down over night Saturday.


Since I dont accept my children suffering, I have to take action. Of course I realised that a trip to the doctor at this stage would be pretty pointless, a virus will have to take its course but there are herbal measures I can take to make his suffering lighter and shorter. In his case I decided to attack the virus in 3 ways – bath, tea & eyewash.

Herbs to treat a cold

Firstly there were the Chamomile and Lavender essential oil baths (also great for teething littlies). These are soothing, healing and the steam opens up the airways. I also made a tea from Elderflowers, Shizandra Berries and Chamomile (I have run out of Echinacea Root or else I would have used some of that). My bundle of misery drinks 1/2 cup of this tea throughout the day. The chamomile increases resistance to disease, as does shizandra. And elderflower is just an all time favourite in our house – it tastes great, soothes a fevered brow and is a must in every cold and flu tea. I think he will continue drinking this tea on and off for a while longer yet to help him build up a good resistance to whatever is out there. For the eyewash, to help with his conjunctivitis, I brewed a chamomile and elderflower tea – I bathe his eyes with this throughout the day. The anti inflammatory and astringent properties of these herbs have reduced the itching and redness and there is a lot less discharge from the eyes which means that our zombie baby is almost back to normal. ๐Ÿ™‚

As you know I am pregnant, and really do not wish to catch this bug (and I have the worst immune system known to man) I too am drinking my herbal brews – nettle, elderflower and peppermint for me…..with a dash of lemon juice and a dollop of organic honey…YUM! At night I have the humidifier going with essential oils – lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile – to make breathing easier for all of us during the night. So far so good, my baby is much better and I have had no symptoms *fingers crossed*.

Stay Herbal!

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6 Responses to Getting ill at daycare – Herbs can help children get better sooner

  1. Ingrid Cliff says:

    Daycare is a hotbed of bugs – my littlies used to come down with “something” pretty much every week. I used to despair until I worked out if I put them into care on a Monday they would usually get sick by Friday and would be over it on the weekend with all my herbal and other support, which meant minimum time off work for me(being ever the practical one).

    The good part of this is by the time they hit regular school they had the immunity of mallee bulls and pretty much never have a day off no matter what is going around.

  2. anke says:

    Hi Ingrid ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yep, you’re absolutely right – he went in on the Tuesday and by Friday he showed the first symptoms. Good on you to have worked it out to fit in with your life. It helps having the right herbs on hand of course – I wish I could get Eyebright somewhere in this town *grumble*

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  4. Lee says:

    I thought of a question whilst reading this which I hope you’ll forgive me blurting out off topic!

    What’s the difference between raw honey and the stuff I’d get in the shop?

    Just wondering ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. anke says:

    Hi Lee, long time no see. Blurt away :)…

    Raw honey can also be called natural honey I suppose. It means that it comes straight from the hive without having been filtered or heated (over 48C degrees) during the extraction process. It is said that the less messing around with the raw product, the more therapeutic properties you retain.

    You may be able to get it in the supermarket health food section, otherwise a health food shop will carry a selection.

  6. meredith says:

    Actually the same germs that abound in pre school are present everywhere all the time. But little ones do not have strong immune systems yet. It is the exposure to germs that actually develops immunities. Avoiding germ exposure often results in weak immune systems later in life. The body needs to build its resistance to bacteria and virus’. That is one of the negative effects of antibacterial hand washes etc. The earth is in balance and the body can and will adapt. Great article though

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