Herbal Holiday – Germany

Hello herb lovers,

Finally, the pictures are uploaded, resized and ready to go.


Our trip (over Christmas & New Year) started in Germany. As I mentioned before for me Germany is herbal heaven. People know about remedies and use them freely. Doctors and pharmacists dispense herbal based medication instead of or to complement standard drugs. Across the road from our hotel there was an Apothecary and in both of their large display windows were rows upon rows of products based on herbal medicine. It was brilliant!

Apart from wanting to catch up with my sister who lives in Frankfurt, our reason for staying in Frankfurt was the famous Christmas Market. In a previous post I mentioned the herbal lollies I bought there.here is a picture of what I mean:



Every different colour a different herb or combination of herbs. The menu on the wall tells you what they are and what they are traditionally used for. Heaven!



We were in Frankfurt for only three days, so much had to be squeezed into a short time. Regardless of what the temperatures were.

Even if it was -9 degrees Celsius at 9am. Yep, thats a MINUS! Harry had never encountered cold like this. But he didnt mind at all, busily admiring his “Elmo” gloves.









The freezing cold didnt stop us from wandering all over the city to explore. Of course I managed to find signs of herb use everywhere – from the stalls selling herb infused mulled wines to mistletoe being on sale in preparation for Christmas celebrations (approx. AU$5.00 a bunch). We had snow on the day we left for the airport….almost a white Christmas 🙂





Stay Herbal!

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3 Responses to Herbal Holiday – Germany

  1. Michelle says:

    Great photos – it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. anke says:

    Fabulous time, just not enough of it. Maybe next time I wont tell the family we’re coming and we might actually get to see stuff 😉

  3. The Paulskirche became famous as an important meeting place. Built to replace the Barfüßerkirche (Church of the Barefooted), it was opened in 1833, the construction work began in 1789. The first freely-elected German parliament sat there in 1848. Destroyed in an air-raid in 1944, the church was rebuilt in 1947/48 as a memorial to the horrors of war. The simple hall now provides a venue for important events such as the annual German Peace Prize ceremony and the City of Frankfurt’s Goethepreis awards. Both are dedicated to civil rights.

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