Herb Pancake Recipe for Shrove Tuesday


Who doesn’t love Pancakes?

Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday is the day before the Lent fasting begins.  In days gone by it was the perfect time to use up what was in the larder and enjoy one last indulgent meal before many days of fasting in the weeks leading up to Easter.  Found in most kitchen, eggs, flour and milk are staples which needed to be used up so as not to spoil,  which is how pancakes became associated with this day.

These days we are not as reliant on the larder and length and severity of fasting all vary according to personal beliefs.  Still, Shrove Tuesday is known as Pancake Tuesday around the world.  What a great opportunity for another herbal recipe 🙂

I chose a base recipe for a Polish pancake.  Now these pancakes are not the thick, light and fluffy ones you might have for breakfast. If you make them thick they will be a tad stodgy, so try to make them nice and thin. You can use them like savoury crepes and roll up fillings. Or, as we do in Germany with left over savoury pancakes, cut them into thin ribbons and serve on top of soup instead of croutons.

There was a great selection of herbs in my kitchen and I just used what I felt like.  Make your own combination of your favourite herbal flavours, there is no right or wrong here.  For the carnivours in my family I also added bacon to a small batch of the mix.

Polish Pancakes – Nalesniki

1/2 cup milk
1 egg
1/2 cup water
1 cup of flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

1 1/2 handful of finely chopped herbs
(I used Fat Hen, Marshmallow, Purslane, Ribwort, green shallots)

Whisk milk, egg and water together.  Combine the dry ingredients, then slowly add to the wet mix, stiring constantly. Add herbs and stir through.

Heat the oil in a heavy based pan and add batter in small batches. Cook on a medium heat until brown on both sides.

Serve warm with yoghurt and tomato. YUM!


If you have a favourite pancake recipe there is nothing stopping you from adding herbs to that.  Alternatively, what about a fluffy buttermilk pancake, or a nutty buckwheat pancake?  You can add a whole swag of herbs to any of them.  If you prefer sweet treats, what about apple & elderflower?

Experiment and enjoy!










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